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Cut your visiting card budget by switching to a digital platform. If any of your employees get promoted or change the team, avoid ordering new visiting cards every time. We for your Business give you real-time control over your team’s visiting cards, and they can be updated or customized at any time anywhere with your phone or tablet, or PC.


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We are the leading solution for digital visiting cards. We offer professional and customizable digital cards for your teams and organizations of any size.

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Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section & Feel Free to Ask

There are several differences between paper and digital visiting cards. Digital visiting cards are more customizable. Can be edited at any time, and contain more information than paper visiting cards. Digital visiting cards can also be shared with anyone, anywhere. (No app is required to receive)

It’s easy to share your digital visiting card. Simply pull up your card’s Send screen and share your card using its QR code. You can also send your card using text message, WhatApp, social media, email, NFC, and more.

We provide a “Home” section of digital visitng card free for lifetime. However you are free to add or edit details of other section but that wont be visible for you your viewer.  Once you are happy with the services then you can upgrade to paid.

Yes! if you dont want to show any perticular page of your digital visiting card then you can switch to OFF to those pages. Your viewer wont be ab;e to see it. Once you make it live, it will be available for view